Most kids see well, but some need glasses to be able to read books easily or see better in the classroom setting. A pediatric optometrist is able to work with kids and determine if corrective lenses are in order.

We begin our pediatric exams at age three, but our pediatric optometrist will be happy to discuss any problems an infant or toddler may be exhibiting.

Our job is to make sure…

  • Visual acuity is age-appropriate.
  • Vision is balanced between the eyes. Is one eye “lazy” or weaker? It’s important to note that “lazy eye” refers to a condition called amblyopia, which is the most common cause of visual issues in young children.
  • Tracking is efficient and coordinated.
  • Visual memory works. Can he or she remember what they see?

Reading creates images in the mind and forms a visual dictionary a child is able to build and access effectively. When vision is impaired, it’s hard to create these images, reading suffers, and learning becomes difficult. Clear vision means better learning, regardless of age!

Find the treatment your child needs for any pediatric eye problems that may be present and slowing down their development. Schedule your appointment today.

Our pediatric optometrist serves young clients and their families from numerous neighboring communities, including Colorado Springs, Monument, Flying Horse, and Gleneagle. Reach out to us today!