It takes many things to be successful in school, such as hard work, focus, and the willingness to spend time studying. However, a child may be the most dedicated and hard-working student in the school but can still find it hard to get ahead. But one solution that many parents may not think about has nothing to do with needing tutors or just finding interest in the right subject, it’s scheduling an eye exam with an eye doctor!

Our vision impacts many things in our lives, and for kids, it could be their education that is being impacted. But there are a few signs that parents can look for that indicate a vision problem. And when vision issues are caught and treated early, whether it’s with glasses or something else, it can improve their overall quality of life, let alone their success in school.

Biggest Signs Your Child Should Visit an Eye Doctor

Squinting or Tilting Their Head to See Something

These can be signs of an eye muscle imbalance or refractive errors, which can affect focus. By squinting, tilting their head, or even covering one eye to be able to see something, it can temporarily improve focus and minimize the problem.

Sitting Too Close to the TV

It’s common for kids to want to be right in front of the TV, but this can not only cause eye strain, but could also be a sign that they are struggling with poor vision. Kids who have myopia or nearsightedness will see more clearly when up close, but vision is worse when further away. Keep an eye out for your child sitting too close to the TV, holding a book too close to their face, or even wanting to stand really close to someone when talking.


Our eyes are muscles and can get tired when overworked, just like other muscles in the body. When kids are frequently straining to see something, it can cause the eyes to overwork in order to focus on an object, which can lead to headaches.

Rubbing Their Eyes

There are many reasons why kids might be excessively rubbing their eyes, including eye strain, allergic conjunctivitis, and vision problems. One of the most common reasons why is eye strain from the eyes being overworked.

Signs When They’re Reading

For kids with vision problems, one sign may be that they struggle with reading or they don’t even want to read because they have a hard time seeing the words. Other cues to watch out for is when they continually point at the words as they’re reading or if they are frequently losing their place or skipping lines. Vision problems such as astigmatism, amblyopia, or “lazy eye” could cause difficulty reading.

Struggling With School

There’s no wonder that if a child is having a hard time reading or struggling with headaches or eye strain that they may be having trouble in school too. And it’s often hard for them to understand what is going on too, since they may not be aware of what healthy vision is. This makes it even more important for parents to understand what signs to look out for. Poor grades, acting out, or not paying attention in class can all be signs of them simply not being able to do what they need to in order to succeed.

Visit Your Local Colorado Springs Eye Doctor at Spectrum Eye Care

Getting a pediatric eye exam can be incredibly important for your child’s success. At Spectrum Eye Care, we’re committed to providing compassionate care to your child, ensuring that they feel comfortable throughout the exam and get the treatment they need for healthy vision. Depending on what is wrong with their vision, glasses may be all that is required to get them on the right track.

If your child hasn’t been seen by an eye doctor in the last year or more, contact our office today and we’ll take great care of your child’s vision.