Get Prescription Goggles & Glasses That Fit Your Lifestyle

Hunting, four-wheeling, mountain biking, skiing, or swimming — whatever your hobby may be, Spectrum Eye Care can provide you with the customizable sports goggles you need! Wearing regular glasses when you’re trying to be active can be incredibly annoying, and sometimes contact lenses just aren’t a good fit, but with custom prescription goggles, you don’t have to let your vision get in the way. Our eye doctor, Dr. Bennett, serves patients from Colorado Springs, Gleneagle, Monument, Flying Horse, and other neighboring communities. 

Enjoying a hobby shouldn’t be frustrating, but when glasses are constantly falling off, slipping, or you just don’t feel safe or comfortable with traditional glasses, custom goggles or glasses could be exactly what you need. We have the technology to create prescription sports goggles and any type of eyewear you need to enjoy all of your active hobbies.

If you have an existing pair of glasses or goggles, we can custom fit them with prescription lenses, making the process affordable and allowing you to keep the style you love. We can create custom eyewear for children and adults as well, so if your kids are active in school sports, there’s no need to worry about them damaging their regular eyeglasses.

Don’t let needing glasses get in the way of enjoying what you love! Contact an eye doctor at Spectrum Eye Care in Colorado Springs to learn about getting prescription swim goggles, sports goggles, and more!