Is your child struggling in school? It could be an issue with his or her eyesight. A pediatric optometrist has the training and experience to work with kids to detect and correct any vision problems that may be present. If you notice your child squinting when trying to read a book or see something far away, it’s possible that they need corrective eyeglasses. Even young children often benefit from prescription eyewear that suddenly opens up a whole new world to them. Bring your child to Spectrum Eye Care in Colorado Springs for an eye exam with our skilled optometrist and staff, whose specialties include pediatric vision problems. Schedule an appointment for your child today!

  1. 7 Tips to Help Your Child Adjust to Wearing Glasses

    It can be very exciting for children to get new glasses. Their world will change for the better with clearer vision; in fact, don’t be surprised to see them engage in activities they’d previously avoided. Other areas may see improvement as well, everything from doing better at school to taking o…Read More