Busy moms and active kids are welcome!

Back-to-back appointments:
We schedule up to two appointments back to back for you and your child, or two kids at one time. *If you want to request a block of appointments for your family, please call the optometrist at 719 593-2333 for special arrangements and pre-payment of the appointments.

Annual Vision Exams for students are important.  Eighty to 90 percent of new information introduced at school comes through vision.

1. Is vision clear?

2. Is the child comfortable moving between reading and seeing the board?

3. Is eye strain* (rubbing eyes, blinking, taking breaks) present following five to 10 minutes of reading?

4. Has reading stayed at grade level, but “attention to details” decreased?

*In these cases, an eyeglass or contact lens prescription will help reading comprehension and relieve eye fatigue during reading and while in front of laptops, iPads and cell phones.

Contact lenses are good for kids

Contacts lenses are a “tool” to be used when appropriate. Doctor Bennett will discuss options, as your child’s interest and participation in sports, dance, and theater progress. Daily contact lenses are a great solution for kids who wear contact lenses only occasionally for a season of sports or for performances several times a year.

Schedule your appointment with our pediatric eye doctor in Colorado Springs today! As a fully credentialed optometrist, we serve patients of all ages in the greater region, including residents of Monument, Gleneagle, and Flying Horse, CO. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call!