Looking through eyeglasses to see the print on a magazine page clearly.

Your vision matters. When you can’t see clearly, you miss out on a lot in life, plus you can potentially put yourself and others at risk. For example, if your vision is blurry and you get in your vehicle to drive, you may not be able to see well enough to make quick decisions drivers are often required to make to avoid collisions. Or you may spend way too long trying to read a sign, resulting in distracted driving.

Blurred vision is also a big risk factor at your workplace, especially when you count on your eyes for others’ safety (such as in a construction zone). What’s more, straining to see your computer because of out-of-date eyewear can result in chronic headaches.

Read on to learn more reasons that you should visit your optometrist, whether here in Colorado Springs or in nearby communities like Monument, CO, or wherever you may live!

You’re Constantly Adjusting Your Glasses To See Better

Do you find that you have to constantly move your glasses around to see the world in focus? Chances are, your prescription is out of date.

It’s both inconvenient and dangerous to be constantly adjusting your glasses in order to find the right focal point. Whether you’re moving them up or down, or you’re moving them away from your face or pushing them closer to your eyes, you’re being distracted. If you’re driving, riding a bike, engaged in sports, or at work, this type of distraction can cost you!

Instead of repeatedly adjusting your glasses, make an appointment with your eye care center serving Monument, CO and get new glasses with an updated vision prescription.

Your Distance Vision Is Not In Focus

You may be able to see your computer screen and read books, magazines, and fliers up close just fine, but your distance vision may not be in focus at all. If this is you, you are nearsighted.

Also called myopia, nearsightedness impairs your distance vision, making the scene blurry the further away you look. When your vision is left uncorrected, not only will you have a difficult time deciphering what’s far away, but you may also develop frequent eye strain and headache symptoms.

The solution? Prescription glasses or contact lenses! It’s an easy fix, and in addition to clearing up your vision, you can treat yourself to beautiful designer eyewear that complements your look and brings out your personality.

Up-close Tasks Are Blurry

What if your distance vision is great (and you may even spot things like an eagle in the distance that others simply can’t see) but you have a really hard time reading the computer screen, your smartphone, a book, or a menu at a restaurant? If this is your experience, you are likely farsighted.

Another word for farsightedness is hyperopia. With this condition, you may also experience eye strain and headaches, especially when you’re trying to read or doing any type of up-close work, like sewing, woodworking, sketching, or crossword puzzles.

Once again, the solution is simple; visit your optometrist serving Monument, CO and beyond, and have an eye exam conducted. You’ll then have a prescription for either designer eyeglasses or contact lenses, and your up-close world will finally become easy to see!

You’re Seeing Double

Do you see double? You may have what’s called astigmatism. This is a very common and very treatable condition where the eye has a different curvature, resulting in a distorted or blurry image.

Many people are born with astigmatism, and in the same way that our visual acuity can change from one year to the next, the degree of astigmatism present in an eye can also change from year to year.

Symptoms of astigmatism can include one or more of the following:

  • Blurred vision
  • Frequent eye strain
  • Squinting to see
  • Double vision
  • Headaches
  • Excessively tired eyes

The treatment (as you’ve probably guessed) is a corrective lens prescription. In other words, either eyeglasses or certain types of contact lenses will correct the visual distortions that your astigmatism is creating, giving you clear vision to serve you well!

Floaters Or Spots Are Getting In The Way

Most of us see a few “floaters” in our field of vision from time to time. But if these floaters suddenly increase in number, you’ll need to check with your eye specialist right away.

A sudden increase in floaters can be the result of an eye injury, inflammation, infection, or even a torn retina. This is why it’s so important that you schedule an appointment at an eye center or medical clinic soon (the sooner the better).

Your Night-time Vision Has Degraded

Some individuals experience what’s often referred to as night blindness. This condition, also called nyctalopia, can make it difficult to distinguish between objects or make sense of what you’re seeing at night, which makes driving a big challenge.

With night blindness, people often experience the following:

  • Difficulty seeing in the dark
  • Having a hard time processing what you see when driving
  • Being unable to gauge distances accurately at night
  • Having a hard time focusing on specific objects or words on a sign (even when lit) at night

The treatment for night blindness is to address the underlying condition that’s leading to difficulty seeing in the dark. These conditions may include nearsightedness, cataracts, glaucoma, or a vitamin deficiency, among other things.

If you’re experiencing night blindness, make an appointment with your eye doctor to determine what’s causing it and try strategies for improving your night vision.

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