Smiling child holding paper glasses to his face.

Children don’t always realize they have a vision problem. To them, the way that they perceive the world is normal, when in fact, they may benefit from treatment to improve their vision and overall eye health.

Today’s blog discusses some of the pediatric vision problems that we treat here at Spectrum Eye Care. If you suspect that your child is experiencing any of these issues, give us a call to schedule an appointment.


This is a common condition that affects all ages and refers to being able to see clearly up close but blurry at a distance. Also called myopia, nearsightedness can lead to your child not being able to see the board at school or detect friends or objects located at a distance. This condition can be corrected through prescription eyeglasses or contacts.


Also known as hyperopia, farsightedness enables your child to see well far away, but not up close. This can manifest as difficulty with reading, writing, and any other up-close tasks. Like nearsightedness, farsightedness can be corrected through glasses or contact lenses.


This isn’t a condition as much as it simply reflects the shape of one’s eyes. If the cornea has an irregular shape, or the lens in the eye has a different curvature, objects may appear blurry, or a degree of double-vision may result. Corrective contacts or lenses can address and correct astigmatism.

Lazy Eye

Known among optometrists as amblyopia, what is commonly referred to as lazy eye is a condition where the brain does not completely register what the affected eye is picking up. Treatment involves retraining the brain to pick up what the eye sees. Early detection is important in order to restore a child’s vision through therapy and avoid further visual decline.

Ability To Focus

Some children experience difficulty focusing their vision. This can lead to blurred vision, headaches, double vision, and reduced concentration, among other symptoms. A pediatric optometrist can check your child’s focus and provide treatment if improvement is needed.

Discerning Depth

Depth perception issues can lead to numerous everyday challenges, from not being able to gauge the height of a curb, to finding it extremely difficult to catch a ball. A pediatric eye doctor can detect and diagnose depth perception problems, and a range of specialists can assist, including occupational therapists, to help your child learn to gauge depth better.

Schedule An Appointment With A Pediatric Optometrist

These are just some of the childhood vision issues that we see at Spectrum Eye Care in Colorado Springs. If you detect any problems your child is experiencing that might be related to their vision, make an appointment with us.

Our optometrist is experienced with kids’ vision issues and can diagnose what the problem is, as well as prescribe the right treatment approach. What’s more, our friendly staff welcomes kids and understand their unique needs. Our vision center is light and bright, and we are happy to accommodate children’s needs.

For your scheduling convenience, we can even do back-to-back appointments for busy moms and dads and active kids! We serve Monument, Flying Horse, Gleneagle, Colorado Springs, and nearby communities. Schedule your child’s vision appointment with us today!