It can be very exciting for children to get new glasses. Their world will change for the better with clearer vision; in fact, don’t be surprised to see them engage in activities they’d previously avoided. Other areas may see improvement as well, everything from doing better at school to taking on more leadership roles. Pediatric vision problems can hold a child back from fully engaging in life; new glasses can remedy the problem and help your child soar.

As with anything new, there will be a period of adjusting to the new glasses. Here’s what you can do to help your child get used to wearing glasses and enjoy a new way of seeing the world!

It Begins At The Pediatric Eye Doctor’s Clinic, And Even Before

Getting new glasses can be a fun and positive experience. It begins at the child optometrist’s office with attentive, friendly staff members and an upbeat vibe. The selection of frames available for youth should be both extensive and vibrant.

In truth, it begins before you and your child set foot into the pediatric optometrist’s clinic. You can set the tone for a good experience by being calm and staying positive for your child. There’s no need to feel anxious about the upcoming optometrist’s appointment. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to call the pediatric optometrist to ease your worries. You’ll then be able to be upbeat about your child’s new glasses and convey that enthusiasm to your child.

Tip 1: Involve Your Child In The Selection Process

It’s a good idea to provide guidance when selecting frames, but it’s also important to ultimately let your child choose. She or he will be wearing them daily, and the right pair of glasses will reflect their unique style and personality. Actively involve your child in the frame selection process for an outcome everyone can be happy with.

Tip 2: Make It Fun

Have fun at the pediatric optometrist’s office! There’s no reason to be afraid or feel uneasy. Eye exams don’t hurt, and getting glasses can be a lot of fun with the right attitude. It’s like getting a new cool pair of jeans, or a fun new backpack! When you play up the stylish or novel side of glasses and make the whole process of selecting frames a fun one, your child will be more engaged.

Tip 3: Answer Any Questions That Pop Up

As with anything that’s new or different, your child will have questions. Answer these questions honestly as they pop up. If you don’t know the answer, say so, but emphasize that the pediatric eye doctor will be able to assist. Together, make a list of all the questions your child has that the optometrist’s office can respond to, either by phone or during your child’s eyeglasses appointment.

Tip 4: Provide Glasses Breaks At Home

When your child first starts to wear glasses, consistency is important, but so are breaks. It’s a good idea to wear prescription glasses as instructed by the optometrist both at school and at home. During the first week or so, to let your child’s eyes adjust gradually and to avoid eyestrain, let your child go without wearing glasses for periods of time at home, giving tired eyes a break.

Tip 5: Make Sure They Fit Right

When your child leaves the optometrist’s office, his or her glasses will fit right. Over time, the fit may need adjusting. If your child complains about pinching, tightness, looseness, or slipping, stop by the optometrist’s office for a free adjustment.

Tip 6: Keep A Positive Attitude

There may be days when your child is super excited about wearing glasses, and there may be days when she or he is unhappy about it. Go with the flow, and understand that in the beginning, these ups and downs are normal. Maintain a positive attitude, and your child will come around.

Tip 7: Help With Proper Lens Cleaning

Your child’s glasses will need proper care. Teach your child how to correctly clean the lenses (always use a soft cloth made for lens cleaning) and how to safely store glasses in a case when they’re not in use. Especially with younger children, it’s normal for them to forget to clean their glasses and then feel unhappy about seeing blurry images due to smudged lenses. Patiently teach and remind your child to clean the glasses until this becomes a natural habit.

Ask Your Kid’s Optometrist For More Tips!

A pediatric optometrist cares about your child’s vision and wants to make the glass-wearing experience a positive one from the start! For more tips about helping your child adjust to wearing glasses, pick up the phone and ask the pediatric eye doctor.

If you suspect your child needs glasses and you’re in the Colorado Springs region, schedule an appointment with Spectrum Eye Care. We are passionate about helping children and adults see clearly. Contact us today!