1. A woman holds up her young smiling daughter in a loving embrace.

    Back-to-back Eye Exams For Mom And Child In Flying Horse, CO

    You’re a busy parent. Every day is full of activities and responsibilities, so you may wonder, “How will I fit in an eye exam for myself or for my child?” The last thing you want to do is spend a lot of time waiting for an appointment while trying to entertain your kids and keep them calm. At …Read More

  2. Smiling child holding paper glasses to his face.

    Common Pediatric Vision Problems And How To Treat Them

    Children don’t always realize they have a vision problem. To them, the way that they perceive the world is normal, when in fact, they may benefit from treatment to improve their vision and overall eye health. Today’s blog discusses some of the pediatric vision problems that we treat here at Spec…Read More

  3. Young woman looking over a bouquet of flowers.

    Allergy Eye Care Tips In Colorado

    I think we can all agree upon the fact that Colorado is a great place to live! We have four distinct seasons to enjoy, which enables us to try different types of activities at different times of the year. Winter snows give us opportunities to ski, go snowshoeing, or make a backyard snowperson with t…Read More

  4. Woman in a field wearing sunglasses and holding flowers.

    Bad Habits That Can Age Your Eyes

    We don’t have to tell you: your eyes are important! Poets call them the “windows to your soul” for a good reason. They reflect you in so many ways, shining a light on your personality and reflecting the mood you’re in at any given moment. What’s more, your vision is important, and taking g…Read More

  5. Rows of colorful glasses on display at the optometrist.

    The Dos And Don’ts Of Cleaning Your Glasses

    According to The Vision Council, an advocacy group that champions better vision for everyone, approximately 3 in 4 Americans wear glasses or contact lenses. Even people who wear contacts all day often own a pair of glasses as well to use after removing their contacts at the end of the day (or in an …Read More

  6. A group of women athletes playing volleyball.

    Tips To Improve Your Sports Vision Skills

    Whether you’re heavily engaged in sports or you simply enjoy taking part in the occasional sports-related weekend activity, you depend on your vision skills in order to perform well athletically. From having good hand-eye coordination to being able to detect quick actions, you need to see clearly …Read More

  7. What To Look For From An Eye Doctor in Monument

    Believe it or not, visits to an eye doctor are often the only routinely consistent visits people have with a medical professional throughout their lives. Physical exams, trips to the dentist and most other forms of health care come with preconceived notions of fear, expense and any number of apprehe…Read More

  8. 5 Things You Need To Know About Allergies And Dry Eyes

    As soon as spring starts (and for some people, well before March 20 even gets here) allergy season is upon us, resulting in eye-related issues for a percentage of the population. The symptoms may vary from one person to the next, but typically, they include a variation of dry eyes, watery eyes, itch…Read More

  9. 7 Tips to Help Your Child Adjust to Wearing Glasses

    It can be very exciting for children to get new glasses. Their world will change for the better with clearer vision; in fact, don’t be surprised to see them engage in activities they’d previously avoided. Other areas may see improvement as well, everything from doing better at school to taking o…Read More

  10. Are You Due for an Eye Exam?

    Has it been a while since your eyes have been checked? Even if you think you’re seeing well enough, you may be due for an eye exam. Read on to learn if it’s time to schedule your next eye care appointment. It’s Been More Than A Year Since Your Last Eye Exam Your vision changes from one month t…Read More

  11. Why You Need Eye Exams, Even If You Have 20-20 Vision

    It’s Not Just About Getting Glasses What eyeglasses and contact lenses do for us is correct vision so we can see with clarity. An eye care center works with patients to help each one see 20/20, or as close to that goal as possible. This is achieved through corrective lenses in the form of glasses …Read More

  12. Early Warning Signs Of Cataracts

    What Are Cataracts? When a section of your eye lens, or both of the lenses, become clouded, this is known as cataracts. While cataracts are thought of more frequently with regards to eye care for the elderly, it is possible (though not common) to get cataracts at a much younger age. Typically, catar…Read More