Believe it or not, visits to an eye doctor are often the only routinely consistent visits people have with a medical professional throughout their lives. Physical exams, trips to the dentist and most other forms of health care come with preconceived notions of fear, expense and any number of apprehensions which keep people from going at all, much less regularly.

Fortunately, visiting your optometrist each year doesn’t have nearly the same stigma as the other forms of health care, making your eye doctor one of the few trained eyes (excuse our pun if you would) looking over your health on a yearly basis!

And even if you don’t suffer from near or farsightedness, strong vision doesn’t always tell the full story of eye health. Regularly visiting your eye doctor is a crucial routine as any number of other eye diseases or conditions — not to mention even noticing health issues such as diabetes, heart disease and blood pressure —  can be detected by a qualified optometrist.

Plus, let’s face it, seeing your eye doctor is essentially never as traumatizing as a full physical or having your teeth cleaned!

Now you know why keeping up with your eye care and health is important, but how do you pick the right optometrist for you and your family? Which things should you seek? Fear not, because we have some suggestions on what to look for from your eye doctor in Monument.

Take a look at our helpful tips below!

Be Prepared and Study

Selecting an optometrist, like any medical professional, is a very personal decision. You want to find somebody you can trust knows what they’re doing and who gives you and your family a positive experience while doing it because this is potentially the same person you’ll see for a better portion of your life.

  • Ask the people you trust like family, friends, neighbors or coworkers which eye doctor they see and if they provide care for children as well.
  • Ensure your prospective optometrist’s office receives positive ratings and reviews and are in a convenient location.
  • Don’t get caught in the procedural weeds. Verify the office accepts your vision insurance plan.
  • What does your insurance plan cover?
  • Are the eye doctors members of the American Optometric Association or other reputable professional societies?
  • What is the office’s availability and services and do they meet the needs you expect you’ll need of your optometrist?

If those boxes are checked, you’ve found a strong candidate for an eye doctor in Monument that’s right for you and your family! But there is still a little more to consider.

Evaluate the Office

Well done! You’ve plucked out a qualified and trusted optometrist in Monument. Now it’s time to see whether or not this is truly the best eye doctor for you and your family. The office itself can leave nuggets of information to consider. You want a place that’s both warm and inviting. You want this to be as pleasant an experience as your routine checkups can be. It going in feels like a chore, then something isn’t right!

  • Check to see if the eye doctor and their office staff are friendly and interactive with you. Do they seem comfortable communicating with you and happy to have you there? Are they patient and understanding of any preconceived fears you may have about seeing an eye doctor or perhaps not understanding how everything works?.
  • Notice if the services the optometrist provides are catered toward comfort such a lobby, reading material or other things to pass the time as you wait for your exam. Are their toys, games and other indicators that the office is friendly to children?

Any and all of these characteristics are wonderful signs that you’ve done fantastic seeking out the right eye doctor for you and your family. Great job! Just a few more things to keep in mind and this optometrist is likely the one for you.

Post-Visits Considerations

Now that you know the eye doctor you’ve been scouting is qualified and convenient for you, your family and provides a comfortable, positive visiting experience, it’s time to consider just a couple more factors after your visit to the optometrist in Monument you’ve been considering moving forward.

  • Make sure to consider how you felt about the visit and the optometrist. Did you enjoy the experience and feel at ease about the process? Was the eye doctor a personality you connected with and want to see again?
  • Were you seen promptly? Your health is important as is your time. Your eye doctor should care too!
  • Look for thorough examination and care, but still taking the time to do the process correctly. There should be a balance of getting the job done right and ensuring your time and comfort.
  • The optometrist should answer all questions you have with concern and respect as well as offer you advice on the best eye care between visits, causes and prevention of vision problems or any other topic important to healthy sight.

These considerations should likely weigh most heavily in your decision-making process. This is the meat and potatoes of what a strong eye doctor does. Afterall, the examination and treatment of your vision needs is the whole reason you came to see an eye doctor in the first place!

Make Your Decision

You’ve done all the due diligence of a responsible adult when selecting your optometrist in Monument. If you’re comfortable the eye doctor’s office meets, or even exceeds, the criteria you scoped for then you’ve done it. Congratulations!

Finding the right eye doctor for you and your family has set the foundation for a healthy lifestyle for your future and nurtured a positive optometrist experience you can carry with you throughout the rest of your life.

At Spectrum Eye in Colorado Springs, we understand what you should look for in your vision needs and would love the opportunity to prove we’re the right fit for you, your family and help create a bright, clear future for all. Contact us today!