Everyone can get into at least one sport, right? Whether it’s soccer, baseball, football, skiing, swimming, or even chess (sure, chess is a sport), there’s something thrilling about sports that brings out a friendly competition and athleticism. But if you need corrective eyewear, playing sports can be hard!

There is a certain level of staying active and moving around the court or field for a vast majority of sports, making it difficult to keep traditional eyeglasses on your face. And even for sports where you aren’t moving around all of the time, there is a risk of impact when you are playing. And then there are water sports, which would have their own unique eyewear.

However you choose to stay active or whatever your hobbies are, the good news is that there are custom prescription glasses that you can get to make it easier, or even possible, to play the sport and enjoy the hobby you love. At Spectrum Eye Care in Colorado Springs, we offer our customers custom prescription glasses to fit a variety of sports and hobbies.

First, Why Not Just Use Contact Lenses?

If you frequently play sports or have an active hobby, there’s no doubt that wearing contact lenses could help manage a few of the problems that come along with needing prescription eyewear. But unfortunately, not everyone feels comfortable wearing contact lenses. While they are certainly convenient when you’re active, they can be difficult for some people to put in and take out, they need to be removed at the end of the day, properly cared for, and there needs to be a steady supply of lenses as well. So, if you’re not interested in or have trouble with contact lenses, then prescription glasses are a great solution.

Field or Court Sports

Baseball, basketball, soccer, football, tennis, etc., are types of sports that would be incredibly difficult to play wearing traditional eyeglasses. There is enough movement and the risk of impact that wearing regular eyeglasses could even be dangerous. The last thing a player wants is a piece of glass to fly into their eye. Prescription glasses for these sports often have a strap that is worn around the entire head, the frames are larger, and the temples will have a tighter fit around the sides of the face and ears.

Sports Goggles

Sports and activities that are outside or in the water such as swimming, skiing, surfing, or snorkeling have unique needs for eyewear. It is essential that prescription sports goggles fit snugly around the eyes to prevent water from getting inside. The shape and size of the lens is also dependent on the sport. For swimming, the goggles are often smaller and fit just around the eye, below the eyebrow. For skiing, the goggles are typically what people think of when they imagine goggles, the lenses and frames are significantly larger and often rest above the eyebrow and on the bridge of the nose. Skiing and outdoor water goggles often also have polarized lenses to protect the wearer from the sun’s reflection off the snow or water.

Other Sports and Hobbies

There are also a variety of other activities that require specialized prescription eyewear, such as shooting, cycling, or motorcycling. These can be similar to field or court sports glasses where they fit snugly around the face, and the lenses can either be tinted or untinted depending on the wearer’s needs.

Choose Spectrum Eye Care For Your Prescription Glasses or Goggles Needs

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