A woman holds up her young smiling daughter in a loving embrace.

You’re a busy parent. Every day is full of activities and responsibilities, so you may wonder, “How will I fit in an eye exam for myself or for my child?”

The last thing you want to do is spend a lot of time waiting for an appointment while trying to entertain your kids and keep them calm.

At Spectrum Eye Care, we’ve found a convenient way to help parents just like you get the eye exam that you need, and also have a pediatric eye doctor examine your child’s vision. We’ve brought back-to-back eye exams to our Colorado Springs eye care center, making it easier than ever for you and your child to get your eyes checked.

Two Appointments On The Same Day

We understand how difficult it is to block off a huge chunk of your day on two or more different dates for multiple eye appointments for you and your children. By enabling you to schedule two appointments on the same day, we aim to reduce the inconvenience of your family having to come back another day to do it all over again. Two (or more) appointments in one day will significantly diminish the hassle you and your family have to go through!

If you need a block of appointments for your entire family, just give us a call and we’ll work to accommodate your needs.

Minimal Wait Time For Your Child

Kids want to be kids. They want to play, eat, sleep, and play some more! They don’t want to spend their whole day in the waiting room or exam room of a vision center. Enabling you to make back-to-back appointments means that you’re not having to wait in between your appointment and your child’s, which would waste valuable time. Instead, we see your child, then we see you (or vice-versa), and the whole thing is over before your youngster knows it!

Ideal For Busy Moms And Dads

Parents today are extremely busy. They don’t have time to block out a whole chunk of their day for an eye exam or medical appointment, only to have to block out another couple of hours on another day. By scheduling everything on the same day, the appointments are shorter and the whole process is over in a morning or afternoon, rather than dragging it out over weeks. Busy moms and dads can sure appreciate this level of convenience!

Schedule Your Appointment Today

Eye exams are important. We understand parents’ hesitancy to schedule an exam for themselves or their child when life can get so incredibly busy, but eye checks are necessary. At a vision center, you’ll benefit from a comprehensive eye exam that can lead to clearer vision.

If you or your child has been having trouble seeing near or far, getting frequent headaches, or experiencing symptoms of dry eye or eye allergies, don’t delay. Schedule your back-to-back appointments for you and your child with our pediatric optometrist and enjoy the convenience that our special arrangements offer to busy parents like you!

We serve Flying Horse, Gleneagle, Monument, Colorado Springs, and beyond. If you have any questions, reach out to Spectrum Eye Care today!